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Spring / Summer 20

Stoners is more than a fashion collection,

It’s an ode and a tribute to Portuguese Marble and it’s highly technological  and skilled industry.

It’s an Ode our Alentejo.
Developed by Colisão Studios & Assimagra
Promoted by Cluster Recursos Minerais 

Funded by Alentejo 2020 & Portugal2020 & FEDER


They seem to have travelled a long, long way. We can’t call them old, neither young. They just are. They are all the time in the world.    

Look at Portuguese marble. Once primitive sponges and algae, it grows, it sediments, it changes, unnoticed. Until one day, we look it in the veins and it’s a slice of infinity.

They emerge from a series of battles like Earth itself did millions of years ago. It’s a slow movement for life, to thrive. And then they realize: you don’t fight time, you glide it.

It’s a delicate wave that takes us to new territories never forgetting where we came from. It’s majestic and it’s natural.

It is what it is, whenever it is. All elements know this. Change and crystallization build the language of time.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

We are metamorphic humans. We are Stoners.

Stoners – Slices of infinity

If Portuguese Marble was a human entity,


would they be like?

If there was a parallel civilisation,

Where all humanised fragments of the Portuguese Stone

were coming back home to Alentejo, this would be their manifesto.

There is an epic ”feeling” in the History of Portuguese Marble.
This is the prelude, the antecipation, our starting point.

Stoners received the calling, they are coming back to Alentejo where they were born.
In an Industry suported by exportation, Portuguese Marble  is spread and admired all over the world.
If every stone and every fragment of the sedimentary rock that composes our land came to life, this would be their return home. Click to watch.


Making a bridge between the natural stone and the digital world was our main intent.
To achieve the perfect translation we used programming as a tool.
Using macro photography we created a digital mesh that deformed the ARIAL Font, generating a digital identity that literraly came from Portuguese Marble Stone.
Time, erosion, the veins, the uniqueness, the heritage.
All together in a binary language.
This is a metamorphic logo, and an ever-changing visual identity.

Nothing is impossible.

Our looks for this SS20 Experimental Collection were inspired in the veins #SliceSoInfinity of Portuguese Marble Stone, as well in conceptual interpretations of each facade of the big blocs extracted in Alentejo. These natural paintings were conceived by time, heat and pressure, so we’ve aimed for intemporal looks with a subtil edginess to create a contemporary bridge that would connect Marble with People. 

This was our show in Lisbon’s Fashion Week